In recent weeks we have witnessed a real political storm, which has caused the presidency of the Region of Murcia to change and which in turn, has led to different changes in the administration.


One of these changes directly concerns regional sport. The new government board has decided to reorganize and merge different councils and this has brought about a new ministry- The Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth.


This change seems to me a step in the right direction, both necessary and important for the future of education, youth and sport in Murcia. And the reason for my opinion is that sport is an important tool in the sharing of values, a mirror for young people where they can look and see that with work, effort, support and learning from every mistake they make, they can reach the top. Sport in Murcia needs young people of the Region. It needs their talent, their hope, their commitment, their work. Children and young people, you can do it. You can do it, if you give a 100% and you trust the right people, and make sport your way of life. You can do it! There´s still time. Do not let anybody tell you otherwise. You are not going to be asked to be the best. It has to come from you. You have to want it and be prepared to dedicate everything to achieve it. I can assure you it is worth it.


The educational system needs sportsmen. It needs the experiences of each one of them who have had the privilege of representing the Region of Murcia and  Spain all over the world. Our students need to know first-hand that people like them, with strengths and weaknesses, starting out as sports fans in their towns and villages, have managed to fulfil their dream and become national and international lights in their profession.


And, to continue with the growth and development of sport in our region, there is no one better for the job than Alonso Gómez, the director general of Sports. Someone who values ​​the athletes more than the medals. Someone who values ​​people. A fair and honest general director, who takes into account only sporting results when awarding prizes, and keeps in mind that athletes with disabilities are athletes who are as professional as any other. A person who is always keen and attentive, who always responds when needed. It´s a pleasure to continue working with you in command, Alonso.


Before concluding these lines there is someone who I cannot forget to mention. Someone who immediately comes to mind when thinking about the words education, youth and sport. Someone who manages to cram hours and hours of work into every day. Someone who seems to manage to be in several places at the same time. An incredible worker, an unparalleled person. It’s Juanma Molina. For many sportsmen and women in Murcia he is the man they look up to. Now he has left sport, he devotes his life to passing on everything that the sport has taught him.  An example for us all. But above all, a great friend

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