«It´s over.» One of the most important words an athlete says. The moment we make the most difficult decision ever and put aside a part of our lives, losing a bit of ourselves in the process. That side of our life that has given us passion, struggle, commitment, adrenaline, smiles and tears. That part of us that has changed our lives forever and has allowed us to fulfil dreams, to travel all over the world, experiencing different cultures and meeting people who have left an indelible mark us. Experiences that will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

Ruth Beitia must have had all of these thoughts. A superlative athlete, perhaps one of the best in recent times. After medical tests, she has decided to end more than two decades of success

Ruth, one of the great bastions of Spanish athletics and an icon who has brought about a flowering of women’s sport in Spain, has retired leaving a glorious legacy-
her results. On winning her last great medal, the Olympic Gold in Rio, she earned her place as one of Spain´s best. Besides this, Ruth has shown a deep understanding of sport and the values it can transmit. This has truly given her the deserved accolade as one of the greatest athletes in our country, admired and respected by all.

The Cantabrian athlete, with her inseparable coach Ramon Torralbo, has always shone for her consistency, for her fighting spirit, for her perseverance and for her personality that has made her one of our most beloved athletes, respected and admired by her peers, opponents, the general public and the media.

Now a time of change is on the horizon for Ruth. A change that is sure to be difficult (remember that she retired temporarily in the past). However, Ruth has had an excellent education and due to her work and interests off the track, particularly in politics, she will have a new reason to be motivated and eager to learn and improve – something that she always did while she was an athlete.

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