This week I have the honour of talking to the well-known head of sport in Murcia, the Director General of Sports, Alonso Gómez. Alonso has been closely involved with  sport since he became a professional soccer referee, eventually refereeing in the First Division, and at this moment in time continues refereeing whenever his daily routine allows it. In the political arena, after becoming the counsellor for sports in Cartagena, he took charge of sport in the region. Friendly and attentive, he is also a polite and educated person. A great man and a good friend.


We started talking about the current situation of sport in our region. Alonso talks at length about sport in Murcia, from the big clubs in our region – the UCAM Murcia basketball team that has played for another year in Europe, ElPozo Murcia and Plásticos Romero, Cartagena who play at a high level in national indoor football and Lorca FC  with their promotion to the 2nd division in soccer – to the great results of  Murcia’s  individual athletes – Alejandro Valverde, Miguel Angel Lopez, Laura Gil, Úrsula Ruiz, Nicolás Almagro and so on, as well as many other sportsmen and women who compete at a lower level. Sport in Murcia is in good health. But this must motivate us to continue growing and improving, paying special attention to school sports, which is  fundamental for the education of children and an indispensable tool for coaches who seek to ensure the future of our sport.


After talking about ElPozo and UCAM, I ask the Director General about the importance of private investment in our sports. He answers that its role in the present and in the future of regional sport is vital. The Director General asks me to give a big thank you to all the companies that support  sport and a message of encouragement to those who do not. Hopefully they will begin to associate their companies’ image with the successes achieved in regional sport and also start taking advantage of the tax breaks available to businesses who invest in it.


As for the role of sport in education, which in my opinion is another issue of great importance, Alonso comments on the importance of including the Regional Sports Council in the Regional Ministry of Education. Sport encompasses many values and educational aspects that are essential and which should go hand in hand with the education of our young people.


Finally, I ask Alonso about the situation of adapted sport in the Region, thanking him in advance for his important commitment to equal opportunities. Alonso remembers with special affection the Primisport club, of which he was cofounder while working in Cartagena, and comments on the work of the Union of Sports Federations and the different associations and clubs which strive for the development of adapted sport in the Region. This work must continue to ensure that all people have the opportunity to play sports.

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