In recent years, the practice of popular sports has experienced an exponential growth. Sport as leisure and as  a recreational physical activity has become a mass phenomenon.

One of the sports that has benefited most from this growth is athletics, with running increasingly attracting ordinary people. Physical exercise, as we all know, means health and well-being. It improves our physical condition and  makes the  everyday life of its participants more enjoyable. But physical exercise also has its risks. A poor  approach to training can lead to injuries and in extreme cases,   even cause serious health problems. That is why we  need to make the right choice when it comes to  the person you trust your physical training to, even if it is only  a hobby and not with a view to becoming an elite athlete.

We go to an ophthalmologist and not a butcher when we have problems with our sight  and when we have problems with the car we go to a mechanic and not an osteopath. In the same way,  when we want proper physical fitness training  we should go to people who are  both  experienced and  qualified fitness instructors. And that doesn’t mean  someone who has completed a 20-hour fitness course or the typical trainer who says he’s been coaching all his life!  Experience without knowledge is worthless.

Do you know what planning is? Just as at work, in your weekly budget and in your daily life you plan, when it comes to training it is essential that your fitness regime is also planned.  And  it’s useless planning in any way  that takes your fancy! Bad planning might not only  limit  your performance, but could  cause you an injury or a setback  and consequently  could mean that  all of the time that you have invested in training has been wasted and maybe even that  your fitness levels end up  worse than when you first started training.

Ladies and Gentlemen, people invest time and money in physical training  in order to gain  something. And if there  exists  training  for  physical fitness instructors it is because it is known that  it can  make  coaching more effective and less risky when it comes to sport injuries. Do not trust those who say they have many years of experience as fitness instructors with no formal training in this field. Experience is fine but without training it poses a risk to learners.

So what is the solution? On the one hand it is necessary to  strictly regulate  all aspects of sport and fitness. In other words, just because someone wants to be a fitness instructor does not mean that he should be.  He or she must have a number of  prerequisites to be able to coach properly. And on the other hand, your  collaboration is necessary – you must seek the help of  qualified and experienced people. Do not gamble  with your health leaving your physical training in  the hands of just  anybody. Let the professionals do their job. Let’s put an end  to these so called “experts” in running. Those who say they know a lot  but in actual fact have very limited knowledge, or those who believe that by having a large number of athletes automatically makes them good coaches.

I managed to fulfil  my dream thanks to my team. If you can find a suitable team for you, you have taken an important step to achieving  your goal.

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